Seasonal Jewellery trends - Spring into Summer

Posted by Rachel Kneen on

Do you switch up your jewellery collection dependent on the season? Rest assured that there are many women who do also.

Big and bold for the Summer? Pastels for Spring? More subtle in Winter?

So what are we going to see in 2015 as the hottest new trends in Jewellery that you need to prepare your jewellery box and purse strings for? 

1. Statement earrings *yes they're back, and they're bigger and bolder than ever. 

2. Mismatched jewellery combinations *if you consistently wear that matching bracelet and necklace set, try mixing it up and pairing a big bracelet with a delicate necklace. 

3. Brass jewellery *more affordable than gold, with the same style impact

4. Chokers *if you thought this trend had gone out of the window in the 90's then get them out again and see how they go down at your next dinner party; compliment-central no doubt.


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